Fiac AB360


Pumping unit for air compressor Mod. AB 360

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Pumping unit for air compressor Mod. AB 360

Pumping unit for Air Compressors 50-100-150 Liters lubricated single-stage belt drive.
 – System-head with large fins for heat dissipation
 – iron crankshaft  for improved stability
 – Stainless steel valves with high flow of air
 – Conveyor ventilation
 – Flywheel with high air flow to concentrated flow
 – Suction filter equipped with high-yield maze to the decrease in noise level
 – Suitable for both single-phase motors (220V) and three phase (400V)
 – Splash lubrication, forced ventilation
 – cast aluminum valve plate
 – Manifold for refrigeration input to the tank
 – Single stage 3 HP Model

Technical data:

 – Code AB 360
 – Cilinders : 2
 – For engines: 3 Hp
 –  Air Flow: 350 L/min.
 – Max Bar: 10/145 P.S.I
 – RPM: 1500 RPM
 – Noise: 76 dB
 – Pack Weight: kg 12


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